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Adobe's Firefly AI Tools Now Out of Beta - Here's What It Costs

Adobe's Firefly AI tools, which can generate imagery and text effects, have officially launched out of beta testing. Discover the pricing structure and usage limits, and explore the capabilities and limitations of Firefly.

Adobe's Firefly AI tools have exited beta testing, making creative AI-driven features accessible to users. The tools are now officially available for users, expanding creative possibilities in various Adobe applications.

Adobe's pricing for Firefly varies based on Creative Cloud subscription plans.

    • Full Creative Cloud subscription ($55 per month): Allows up to 1,000 creations per month.
    • Single-app subscription (e.g., Photoshop or Premiere Pro at $21 per month): Permits 500 creations monthly.
    • Adobe Express subscription ($10 per month): Provides 250 uses of Firefly.

Adobe plans to raise subscription prices by about 9% to 10% in November. This price hike is attributed to the addition of Firefly and other AI features, as well as the introduction of new tools and apps.

Firefly has demonstrated the ability to produce captivating effects, enhancing images and text. Users can explore creative possibilities across Adobe's suite of applications.

While Firefly offers impressive results, it has limitations, particularly as a cloud-based service. Adobe is committed to refining and improving the technology to deliver better outcomes.

Free and Paid Tiers:

  • Users with paid subscriptions can utilize Firefly even after reaching their monthly limits. However, performance may be slower in this scenario.
  • Free-tier users have access to 25 Firefly usage credits per month.
  • Users expecting to exceed their caps can purchase extra Firefly usage credits for $5 per month, starting in November.

Adobe will annually compensate Adobe Stock contributors whose images were used to train Firefly. The payout is based on licensing frequency and image acceptance.

To address copyright concerns, Adobe trained Firefly on its own Adobe Stock imagery and public domain images.

Adobe plans to introduce Firefly to Adobe's Premiere Pro video editing tool later this year, expanding its reach to video projects.

Adobe employs content credentials to label images generated using its AI tools. This labeling system enhances transparency and distinguishes AI-generated content.

Adobe's Firefly AI tools offer a wealth of creative possibilities for users across Adobe's applications. As they exit beta, the pricing structure and usage limits provide flexibility for various subscription plans. While Firefly showcases impressive effects, Adobe remains committed to refining its capabilities and addressing limitations, ensuring it remains a valuable asset for creatives.

Note: The details and pricing information discussed regarding Adobe's Firefly AI tools are based on the article's publication date and may have evolved since then.