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Adobe's Game-Changing "Object-Aware Editing Engine" Project Stardust

Adobe unveils Project Stardust, an "object-aware editing engine" poised to revolutionize photo editing. This innovative feature can identify individual objects in photos and seamlessly separate them onto their layers, allowing users to manipulate or delete objects with incredible precision.

Adobe, a pioneer in digital creativity, is set to make waves with its upcoming Project Stardust, a groundbreaking "object-aware editing engine." With the ability to recognize and isolate individual objects within photographs, Stardust empowers users to manipulate and remove objects seamlessly.

Project Stardust introduces precision editing like never before. It identifies objects within images, enabling users to separate them onto dedicated layers for manipulation. Users can effortlessly delete unwanted objects, and Stardust's generative AI model fills the empty space seamlessly, leaving no traces behind.

Stardust extends its capabilities to fashion, allowing users to change articles of clothing in images. With simple highlighting and text prompts, garments can be transformed effortlessly.

While reminiscent of Google's Magic Editor found on the Pixel 8 series, Stardust boasts enhanced capabilities. It can generate content to fill gaps in images, a feature lacking in Google's version.

Adobe's recent partnership announcement with Google raises intriguing questions about the source of Stardust's AI technology. Could it be powered by Google's AI tech?

Many questions remain unanswered, including whether Stardust will be a standalone app or integrated into Adobe's existing software suite. Adobe promises to reveal more about Stardust and other "AI features" during Adobe MAX 2023, set to kick off on October 10.

Project Stardust holds the promise of revolutionizing photo editing and design by introducing an "object-aware editing engine." Its ability to identify, manipulate, and remove objects with precision, along with the potential for transforming clothing in images, marks a significant leap in creative possibilities. As Adobe prepares to unveil Stardust and other AI features at Adobe MAX 2023, the future of digital creativity looks brighter than ever.

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