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Almost Half of UK Workers Use AI for CV Enhancement and Daily Tasks

Almost half of UK workers consider using AI like ChatGPT for CV enhancement, while 58% utilize AI tools for office tasks - Kaspersky study

A recent survey conducted by cybersecurity company Kaspersky reveals that almost half of UK employees are open to using AI tools like ChatGPT to improve their job-related tasks. The study shows that 42% of respondents believe OpenAI's popular chatbot, ChatGPT, could enhance their CVs, cover letters, and portfolios, giving them a competitive edge. This sentiment reflects the increasing integration of AI in the workplace to streamline tasks and improve efficiency.

The survey's findings are noteworthy, with 58% of participants indicating that they are already using generative AI tools to save time on various office tasks, such as summarizing meetings and lengthy documents. Leading software platforms like Microsoft's Outlook and Teams have begun incorporating AI features to directly address the needs of professionals. However, it 40% of respondents admit to not verifying the output of AI tools before using it, despite the technology's known propensity for errors.

Kaspersky's survey highlights the pressing need for both job seekers and employers to understand the growing accessibility of AI tools. Principal Security Researcher David Emm emphasizes the significance of caution for job seekers who rely on AI tools for crafting impressive CVs, as exaggerations and inaccuracies can lead to complications. Additionally, employers are advised to verify the credibility of candidates, not solely relying on well-designed CVs or cover notes.

Emm further underscores the importance of educating employees about data protection and confidentiality. Users must be aware that chatbots, like ChatGPT, gather information through user interactions, and sensitive information should not be inadvertently shared.

The integration of AI is not limited to the professional realm; the education sector is also witnessing AI's impact. Another recent survey by education technology firm RM Technology reveals that two-thirds of teachers believe they frequently receive assignments written by AI. This shift raises questions about the role of AI in education and underscores the need for regulations and oversight.

As AI continues to permeate various aspects of society, it is essential to harness its potential while being mindful of its limitations. The survey results remind us that a balanced approach is necessary to harness AI's advantages effectively.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak's plan to host a global summit on AI regulation later this year aligns with the growing recognition of AI's significance and the need to establish guidelines that ensure responsible and ethical AI adoption. In a world increasingly driven by technological advancements, staying informed and embracing AI's benefits while mitigating risks will be crucial for individuals, businesses, and governments alike.