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Apple Uses AI to Enhance Basic Functions in New Gadgets

Apple is utilizing AI technology to improve functions in its latest gadgets, including iPhones and watches. It introduced a new line of iPhones and watches featuring enhanced semiconductor designs. Apple's incorporation of AI aims to enhance basic functions like taking calls and capturing images.

Apple is leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) technology to enhance the fundamental functions of its latest gadgets, including iPhones and watches. While AI did not take center stage at Apple's June developer conference, the company has been quietly integrating AI into its core software products to improve user experiences.

Apple's new line of iPhones and watches showcases improved semiconductor designs. These enhancements are designed to optimize basic functions like making phone calls and capturing higher-quality images.

The Series 9 Watch features a new chip equipped with a four-core "Neural Engine" dedicated to processing machine learning tasks. This advancement allows AI functions to operate up to twice as quickly, significantly improving the device's overall performance.

The AI components within the watch's chip contribute to a 25% increase in Siri's accuracy. Apple's voice assistant benefits from faster AI processing, delivering more precise responses to user queries.

The integration of AI components also introduces new interaction methods with the device. Users can now perform actions like answering or ending phone calls, pausing music playback, or accessing weather information by "double-tapping" with their watch hand—a feature made possible by AI technology.

Apple has enhanced image capture capabilities across its range of iPhones. The company has long offered a "portrait mode" that utilizes computing power to simulate the effects of a large camera lens, allowing users to blur backgrounds. This demonstrates how AI can enhance photography on mobile devices.

Apple is not the only smartphone manufacturer incorporating AI into its hardware. Rivals like Google's Pixel phones have implemented AI features such as the ability to remove unwanted objects or people from images, demonstrating the competitive nature of AI integration in the industry.

Apple's adoption of artificial intelligence technology in its latest gadgets, particularly the Series 9 Watch and iPhones, showcases the company's commitment to enhancing basic functions and user experiences. The use of AI to accelerate machine learning tasks, improve Siri accuracy, and introduce innovative interaction methods highlights the growing importance of AI in the consumer electronics market.

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