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Authors Furious as Tech Companies Use Pirated E-Books to Train AI

Tech giants are under fire for using a pirated e-book collection known as Books3 to train their AI systems. Authors are outraged, arguing that their creative work has been stolen without permission or compensation.

A significant controversy is brewing as tech companies employ a data set derived from pirated e-books, known as Books3, to train their AI systems. The authors of these e-books are taking legal action against tech giants like Meta for using their work without permission. While some authors are infuriated and consider this a form of theft, others have more positive reactions to their work being used for AI training.

Many authors are discovering that their books are part of the Books3 database used to train AI. The reaction is overwhelmingly negative, with authors feeling that their creative work and stories have been exploited without any compensation.

Some authors are rallying for unity among writers and readers to combat this issue. They believe that the abuse of their talent and hard work needs to be addressed, and readers' support is vital in this endeavor.

This controversy highlights broader concerns about AI's increasing influence in various art forms. AI is being used to generate creative content, which can be highly personal and intimate. Both writers and visual artists are grappling with these challenges as their work is incorporated into AI training without their consent.

This issue arises as President Joe Biden prepares to introduce an executive order on AI, positioning the United States as a leader in responsible AI innovation. However, writers and artists feel that despite their efforts, the relentless march of AI into the realm of art may feel inevitable and deflating.

The contentious issue of tech companies using pirated e-books to train AI systems reflects the complex relationship between AI and the world of art. It is not only a matter of compensation but also the personal and intimate nature of artistic creations being incorporated into AI processes.

The controversy surrounding Books3 serves as a reminder of the evolving landscape where AI interacts with various art forms, and the challenges that artists face in this digital age.