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Brave's New Generative AI Assistant, Leo, Prioritizes User Privacy

Unlike ChatGPT and other generative AI products, Brave's Leo offers robust privacy protections, ensuring user data isn't used for training or kept in chat history. It's now available to Brave users, with an emphasis on privacy and security.

Brave, a Chromium-based browser known for its privacy-centric approach, has introduced a generative AI assistant called Leo. Leo is designed to compete with other AI language models like ChatGPT, but with a strong focus on user privacy and data protection. Unlike some other AI models, Leo does not retain chat history, does not use user data for training, and does not require an account for access. This privacy-first approach sets Leo apart in the generative AI landscape.

The Privacy Advantage of Brave's Leo:

  • No Account Required: Users can access Leo without the need for an account, eliminating the need for email or phone number verification.
  • Leo Premium: For those who opt for the $15/month Leo Premium subscription, Brave offers unlinkable tokens to validate access. Even in the premium version, Brave ensures that purchase details are never connected to product usage, preserving user privacy.
  • Anonymized Servers: Leo routes all requests through an anonymized server, making it impossible to associate users' IP addresses with Leo traffic.
  • Chat Data Disposal: Chats in Leo are immediately discarded after generation, and the AI assistant does not use this data for training. This ensures that user interactions remain private and confidential.
  • No IP Collection: Brave does not collect users' IP addresses or personal identifiers, enhancing privacy protection.
  • Third-Party Model Providers: Leo leverages the Claude model from Anthropic and Llama 2 from Meta. Despite the involvement of third-party models, user data is not collected by Brave or these providers, preserving privacy.

Brave's Leo offers a generative AI experience similar to ChatGPT and Google Bard, allowing users to ask questions, summarize web content, generate text, translate pages, and more. Leo Premium offers additional capabilities, including access to Claude Instant for advanced prompts involving mathematics and coding, multilingual chat support, higher rate limits, and early access to new features.

Brave's commitment to privacy and data protection sets a high standard for generative AI models, making it an attractive choice for users concerned about maintaining their online privacy. Leo is available to Brave users running the latest desktop browser version, with support for iPhone and Android versions coming in the near future.

Brave's Leo AI assistant distinguishes itself through a strong emphasis on user privacy. With a no-account requirement, anonymized servers, data disposal, and a commitment to user data protection, Brave ensures that user interactions with Leo remain private and secure. This privacy-focused approach sets a high standard for generative AI models in the industry, making Leo an attractive choice for privacy-conscious users.