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Consumers and Professionals See Promise in Generative AI, Despite Creative Controversies

Generative AI technology is gaining favor among consumers, particularly Gen Z and Millennials, and marketing professionals. A recent survey by Adobe reveals that these groups see the positive impact of generative AI on creativity, product quality, and customer experiences.

Despite controversies within the creative community regarding AI art generators, a recent survey conducted by Adobe shows that consumers, particularly Gen Z and Millennials, along with marketing professionals, view generative AI technology positively. This technology is seen as a driver of creativity, product quality improvement, and enhanced customer experiences.

  • Gen Z and Millennials, in particular, are enthusiastic about generative AI, with 52% stating that it has a positive impact on their lives. An additional 7% referred to it as a "miracle" technology.
  • Respondents believe that AI tools integrated into graphic design and photos can enhance creativity, with 56% stating that it would help them be more creative in their work.
  • Consumers expect businesses to leverage generative AI for creating more engaging content (25%), improving product quality (76%), and enhancing customer experiences (71%).
  • Consumers want AI to simplify their search experiences (35%) and predict their preferences (14%). Among Gen Z and Millennials, 26% want AI to make customer experiences more relevant and personalized.
  • For businesses, the focus of generative AI implementation should be on improving product quality (19%) and increasing employee efficiency (17%), according to respondents.
  • Older generations (Gen X and older) emphasize the importance of responsible use with guardrails (26%), compared to 15% of younger consumers.
  • Businesses are urged to respond to younger consumers' expectations for better experiences and products while ensuring responsible use of generative AI.
  • Marketing and customer experience professionals are enthusiastic about generative AI, with 94% planning to use it in their future work, and 79% already using it alongside CX tools. These professionals recognize the benefits of generative AI, such as improved content creation (89%), more personalized experiences (89%), increased content generation (87%), and better identification of customer journeys (87%).

Generative AI technology is gaining widespread approval among consumers, especially Gen Z and Millennials, and marketing professionals. Despite creative controversies, this technology is seen as a catalyst for creativity, product quality enhancement, and improved customer experiences in various industries.