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Dell and Hugging Face Announce Partnership to Simplify On-Premises Deployment of Customized Large Language Models (LLMs)

Dell and Hugging Face join forces in a new partnership aimed at addressing challenges in deploying large language models (LLMs) and generative AI for enterprises. The collaboration introduces a Dell portal on the Hugging Face platform for deploying open-source models on Dell servers.

The collaboration between Dell and Hugging Face aims to empower enterprises in unlocking the potential of generative AI. The new Dell portal on Hugging Face provides tailored solutions for deploying open-source models on Dell servers, simplifying on-premises deployment and enabling businesses to harness the transformative power of generative AI.

Dell recognizes the significant and transformative impact of generative AI in the business landscape. The partnership with Hugging Face is designed to make this advanced technology more accessible and manageable for enterprises.

Matt Baker, SVP for Dell AI strategy, acknowledges the complexities associated with generative AI and emphasizes the need to navigate its advanced technology. The collaboration aims to provide a structured approach for enterprises to embrace generative AI effectively.

Dell and Hugging Face Partnership Details

  1. Creation of a Dell Portal on Hugging Face - The collaboration introduces a dedicated Dell portal on the Hugging Face platform. This portal includes custom containers, scripts, and technical documents tailored for deploying open-source models on Dell servers, streamlining the deployment process.
  2. Availability Through APEX Console - Initially offered for Dell PowerEdge servers, the service will be accessible through the APEX console. The partnership is set to extend its offerings to Precision and other Dell workstation tools, providing a comprehensive solution for enterprises.
  3. Updated Containers for New-Gen AI Use Cases - The portal will release updated containers over time, optimizing models for Dell infrastructure to support new-generation AI use cases and evolving models. This ensures that enterprises can leverage the latest advancements in generative AI.

Simplifying Model Deployment with Dell and Hugging Face

  1. Building AI Capabilities Internally - Jeff Boudier, Head of Product at Hugging Face, highlights the importance of building AI capabilities internally, emphasizing the role of open-source in empowering organizations to be builders rather than just users of generative AI.
  2. Fine-Tuning Models for Enterprise Use Cases - The new Dell Hugging Face portal offers curated sets of models selected for performance, accuracy, and specific use cases. Enterprises can choose their preferred model and Dell configuration, simplifying the fine-tuning process.
  3. Top-to-Bottom Tuning by Dell - Dell's top-to-bottom tuning capability allows enterprises to quickly deploy the best configuration of a given model or framework. The emphasis is on customization without exchanging data with public models, ensuring data security and ownership.

Enterprises face various challenges in adopting generative AI, including complexity, time-to-value, vendor reliability, and concerns about exposing sensitive data. The collaboration between Dell and Hugging Face aims to address these challenges and facilitate a smoother adoption process.

Dell research indicates that 83% of enterprises prefer on-premises or hybrid implementations, especially when dealing with valuable intellectual property (IP) assets. The collaboration aligns with this preference, offering advantages in deploying generative AI on-premises.

Dell aims to simplify the fine-tuning process by providing a containerized tool based on parameter-efficient techniques like LoRA and QLoRA. This streamlines customization, making it easier for enterprises to adapt models to specific business use cases.

The future envisions every enterprise having its own vertical by leveraging specific data. The focus is on combining unique data with models to generate outcomes, allowing enterprises to internalize generative AI and derive maximum value from their data.

The partnership between Dell and Hugging Face represents a significant step in simplifying the on-premises deployment of customized large language models. By addressing complexities, providing tailored solutions, and emphasizing top-to-bottom tuning, the collaboration aims to empower enterprises to embrace generative AI effectively. This strategic move underscores the commitment to making advanced AI technology accessible and transformative for businesses.

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