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Every: The AI-Powered App on a Mission to Foster Human Connections

Ben McKean, founder and CEO of Hungryroot, explores the power of AI to facilitate deeper human connections with his nonprofit app, Every. Leveraging AI technologies, Every offers thought-provoking games for self-discovery and connection.

In a world marked by increasing disconnection, Ben McKean, the visionary behind the healthy grocery delivery service Hungryroot, ventures into the realm of AI-driven human connection. Every, a nonprofit iOS app, harnesses the capabilities of artificial intelligence to stimulate self-discovery and build bridges between individuals.

Every employs AI technologies to create thought-provoking games centered around self-discovery. Users embark on an "Inner Odyssey," selecting images that represent their desired destinations and answering follow-up questions. The app then reveals how others responded to the same queries, encouraging users to explore commonalities.

The genesis of Every stems from a profound need to combat the rising tide of loneliness and disconnection. Ben McKean acknowledges the startling statistics, including 58% of Americans feeling unrecognized and 70% perceiving distrust as detrimental to society. Every aims to bridge these gaps.

While the app's current focus is on personal connection, McKean envisions adapting Every for the workplace, facilitating team bonding through tailored prompts. AI's role in fostering connections extends beyond personal relationships into professional domains.

Every's thought-provoking games are born from AI, thanks to training large language models and leveraging technology from OpenAI and Midjourney. The AI interprets topics or persons to contextualize the games and generate prompts. While human intervention may be required, the AI primarily shapes the gaming experience.

The app plans to release one new game daily, each adhering to a specific theme based on the day of the week. This dynamic approach allows the app to address timely events and create engaging content tailored to users' interests.

The "Map" feature utilizes AI to create trait maps based on user responses, promoting self-awareness. Users can validate or challenge these insights, enhancing the accuracy of self-analysis.

Every empowers users to discover shared interests and traits among their contacts. By engaging in conversations about their findings, users can deepen relationships and cultivate connections.

The app's core mission revolves around facilitating one-on-one connections while uncovering common ground between diverse individuals. The belief is that presenting the same game to all users can reveal unexpected similarities and bridge differences.

Currently operating as a nonprofit side project, Every is self-funded by Ben McKean and led by Sarah McKean and Maya Valliath. The app is offered for free, with no in-app purchases.

While Every remains a side project, its success may open doors to scaling the venture further, potentially attracting investor backing.

Every, driven by AI technology, stands as a beacon in the quest to restore human connection in a digitally disconnected world. By blending AI-generated prompts with insightful questions, Every empowers individuals to rediscover themselves and find common ground with others. Ben McKean's vision for a more connected world is embodied in this innovative app, heralding the potential of AI to bring us closer together.

As Every embarks on its mission to foster connections, the app serves as a testament to the transformative power of AI in nurturing meaningful relationships and self-discovery.