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EY and IBM Expand Partnership to Power HR Automation with AI

EY and IBM join forces to launch Workforce, an AI-driven solution designed to automate HR tasks and optimize workflows. Leveraging IBM's watsonx technology, this offering streamlines HR processes, from crafting job descriptions to managing payrolls, driving operational efficiency.

In a rapidly evolving modern workplace, HR teams are facing the challenge of adapting to the changing landscape while ensuring streamlined operations. Enter Workforce, a transformative AI solution brought to you by the collaborative efforts of EY and IBM.

EY has significantly expanded its AI capabilities with the launch of Workforce, a specialized offering focused on revolutionizing HR tasks and processes. The solution harnesses IBM's watsonx technology to infuse AI-driven efficiencies into every facet of HR management. Workforce combines the power of AI and automation from IBM's watsonx with EY's profound domain knowledge in HR transformation and business processes. This synergy results in a tailor-made solution for enterprises seeking to optimize their HR operations.

At the core of this partnership is IBM's watsonx Orchestrate, a versatile tool that connects with various apps and platforms, including Gmail, Salesforce, and Workday. This technology leverages automation, natural language processing, and machine learning to automate routine HR workflows.

When integrated with, Watsonx Orchestrate empowers employees to accomplish a wide range of HR tasks with ease. From drafting job descriptions and handling communications to extracting payroll reports and analyzing feedback surveys, it's as simple as making a request to the AI.

EY joins the ranks of consulting firms actively integrating AI into HR processes. Companies like SAP and Oracle have also embarked on similar journeys to automate and enhance HR functions. SAP, for instance, has incorporated Microsoft's AI Copilot and Azure OpenAI Service to streamline talent management. Workforce represents just one facet of EY's broader AI strategy. The company is committed to improving multiple functions for its clients through AI. With a substantial investment in the platform and collaborations with leading tech providers, EY aims to drive innovation and efficiency across industries.

The company's ambitions extend beyond HR automation. It plans to further enhance the platform with additional capabilities. As it invests in proprietary technologies and cloud-based solutions, EY's AI endeavors are set to redefine various aspects of business operations.

The integration of generative AI, as highlighted by McKinsey's research, holds immense promise across sectors. It could potentially unlock trillions in global corporate profits, emphasizing the transformative power of AI across industries.

EY and IBM's collaboration through Workforce marks a significant step toward modernizing HR operations with the help of AI. As the workplace continues to evolve, innovative solutions like these are poised to shape the future of enterprise efficiency and productivity.

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