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Forbes Introduces Adelaide: A Personalized Generative AI Search Platform to Enhance Reader Engagement

Forbes has launched Adelaide, a generative AI search platform in partnership with Google Cloud. Named after the wife of Forbes' founder, Adelaide is designed to offer personalized searches, recommend relevant articles, and provide summarized answers within Forbes' coverage scope.

Forbes, a prominent name in the media industry, is introducing Adelaide, a generative AI search platform developed in collaboration with Google Cloud. Adelaide is a cutting-edge tool designed to provide personalized search experiences, recommend articles, and deliver summarized answers tailored to Forbes' subject matter.

Forbes' Adelaide empowers readers to engage with a personalized search experience. Users can pose specific questions or input general topic areas to receive tailored article recommendations and concise answers that align with Forbes' coverage.

The introduction of Adelaide is part of Forbes' strategy to increase engagement with both its search functionality and the content it offers. By leveraging generative AI, Forbes aims to innovate and attract more users seeking information.

Adelaide is trained on Forbes' extensive repository of stories, but it covers only the most recent 12 months of news and list coverage. This focused approach ensures that users receive up-to-date and relevant information within Forbes' areas of expertise.

Readers can conveniently access Adelaide by clicking on the Adelaide button on the Forbes website or visiting the dedicated Adelaide beta page.

Using Adelaide, users can initiate conversations by asking questions like "Who is the richest person in Nebraska?" Leveraging Forbes' extensive library of news stories, opinion pieces, and lists, Adelaide provides a concise summary and suggests related articles for readers.

In a demo, Vadim Supitskiy, Forbes' Chief Digital and Information Officer, showcased Adelaide's capability for dynamic interaction. Users can continue the conversation with follow-up questions, and Adelaide remembers previous inquiries, delivering more insights and relevant articles.

Media companies are increasingly adopting generative AI tools to enhance user experiences. Tools like Adelaide are focused on engaging users through conversational AI and personalized content recommendations.

Adelaide stands apart from the AI-generated articles that have recently stirred controversy. Instead, it concentrates on offering personalized search results and dynamic interactions.

While Adelaide is Forbes' first generative AI tool, the publication has prior experience working with AI. In 2019, Forbes introduced Bertie, an AI-powered tool that offered writing style suggestions to journalists. Both Adelaide and Bertie were developed using Google Cloud tools.

Forbes' Adelaide is set to reshape the way readers interact with the publication, offering personalized search and informative article recommendations. By leveraging generative AI, Forbes aims to stay at the forefront of digital innovation, providing a dynamic and engaging experience for its users.