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Getty Images to Launch Generative AI Image Generator with a Focus on Creator Compensation and Safety

Getty Images, a renowned stock photo website, is set to introduce a generative AI image generator. This tool will create images based on text prompts, and Getty Images aims to prioritize safety for its photographers by compensating them when AI-generated images are influenced by their photos.

The announcement of Getty Images' generative AI image generator marks a notable development in the realm of AI content creation. While AI image generators are becoming increasingly common, this tool's introduction by a platform predominantly focused on human-created content is unexpected.

Getty Images CEO Craig Peters unveiled the upcoming generative AI image generator during a recent tech conference. This tool employs artificial intelligence to produce images based on text input, following the familiar aesthetic associated with AI-generated images.

Getty Images boasts a workforce of professional photographers who contribute high-quality images to the platform. While it was not explicitly mentioned whether these photographers expressed concerns about AI's potential impact on their work, the company is taking proactive measures to address such issues. Getty Images intends to compensate photographers whose images play a role in training the AI model.

Details about the compensation structure are still being refined and may evolve before the official launch. However, the basic concept involves providing photographers with a payment when an AI-generated image, influenced by their photograph, is purchased by a user. The payment amount will correlate with the degree of influence exerted by the photographer's image on the AI-generated result.

The introduction of generative AI on a platform like Getty Images raises apprehensions among creators who depend on photography for their livelihoods. The company's commitment to compensating photographers highlights its efforts to address these concerns and ensure that creators are not adversely affected by AI advancements.

Getty Images' foray into generative AI image generation signals a significant development in the creative industry. By focusing on both the safety and compensation of its photographers, the company aims to strike a balance between AI innovation and supporting its creator community. As the details of this initiative continue to evolve, it will be intriguing to observe its impact on the intersection of AI and content creation.