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Google Photos Introduces Magic Editor: Advanced AI-Powered Image Editing

Google Photos' new Magic Editor feature, driven by generative AI, takes image editing to the next level, allowing users to make complex edits easily. Learn how Magic Editor can transform your photos and how to use it.

Google Photos, a popular photo gallery and editing app for Android, has launched a new feature called Magic Editor, which leverages generative AI and other AI techniques to provide users with advanced image editing capabilities.

Google Photos is widely known for its photo gallery and editing capabilities, with a history of adding new features to enhance user experience. Magic Editor is one such addition, offering advanced editing tools that do not require professional editing skills. Users can employ Magic Editor to perform complex edits, including changing sky colors and patterns, stylizing images, object and people manipulation, element resizing, and removing unwanted elements from photos. Magic Editor's generative AI ensures that edits appear highly realistic, making it challenging to distinguish between real and edited images.

Magic Editor is seamlessly integrated into the Google Photos app and provides a dedicated space for advanced image editing. To access Magic Editor:

  1. Open the Google Photos app.
  2. Select the image you want to edit.
  3. Choose the "Edit" option.
  4. Locate the Magic Editor button, which is positioned in the top left corner above the "Cancel" option.
  5. Select Magic Editor and follow the prompt to agree to Google's GenAI terms.
  6. Once inside Magic Editor, you can explore multiple editing options and generate further edits if needed.

Magic Editor allows users to completely transform the appearance of an image, including its background and style. Users can select from three primary options: "Sky," "Golden Hour," and "Stylized."

  • The "Sky" option enables the addition or removal of clouds and other sky elements, providing various sky alternatives.
  • "Golden Hour" can transform a gray or dull sky into a vibrant golden-hour sunset.
  • The "Stylized" option alters the photo's style with applied effects.

Another notable feature of Magic Editor is the ability to reposition and resize objects and people within an image. Users can also remove unwanted elements from photos. Magic Editor not only replaces and removes objects but also uses generative AI to fill in visual information seamlessly. Users can select objects for resizing or repositioning by tapping, circling, or brushing over them, and then adjust their size or location.

Magic Editor in Google Photos is currently available exclusively on the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro smartphones. Users will need to have the Google Photos app version 6.54 or 6.55. While it's limited to the Pixel 8 series for now, there's a possibility of broader availability in the future, potentially expanding to other Pixel models, particularly those equipped with Tensor SoCs.

Google Photos' Magic Editor is an exciting addition to the world of image editing, offering powerful AI-driven capabilities. Its potential to transform images while maintaining a high degree of realism is noteworthy. As the feature evolves, it may reshape how users edit and interact with images, highlighting the growing influence of generative AI in the field of photography and image manipulation.

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