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Grammarly Elevates Writing with Generative AI Capabilities for Business Users

Grammarly, the renowned writing utility, embraces the power of Generative AI to enhance writing experiences while safeguarding user privacy. Key features, including advanced prompts, seamless historical prompt integration, and expanded prompt usage limits, are now available to users.

In an era where Generative AI reigns supreme, Grammarly steps into the limelight by unveiling the general availability of select GAI capabilities within its acclaimed writing utility. This move caters to the needs of business users who prioritize privacy without compromising on the quality of AI-driven writing assistance.

Grammarly introduces an enhanced "Improve It" prompt, delivering more contextual suggestions and providing a comprehensive overview of any proposed changes. Users can now expect tailored prompts that align with their writing goals and styles.

The integration of historical prompts ensures a consistent writing experience. Users can seamlessly pick up where they left off in previous topics, leveraging their prompt history to maintain continuity.

Prompt usage limits have been extended, offering enterprise customers unlimited prompt access, while Team and Education users can enjoy up to 2,000 prompts, enhancing their writing and editing capabilities.

The Knowledge Share feature is now available for enterprise customers, simplifying information retrieval from various sources, including company documents. This feature streamlines the research process and bolsters productivity.

Grammarly Business customers can look forward to a forthcoming feature set to launch by the end of the year. It will generate personalized voice profiles based on users' unique writing styles and tones, further enhancing the AI-powered writing experience.

Grammarly's journey into GAI is underpinned by a decade of AI integration. The company's commitment to delivering practical AI solutions has earned the trust of users worldwide.

CEO Rahul Roy-Chowdhury highlights the transformative potential of Grammarly's GAI capabilities. By saving employees four weeks of time per year, businesses can unlock higher productivity, superior results, and accelerated growth.

With over 30 million customers, 70,000 teams, and integration with more than 500,000 apps and websites, Grammarly aims to extend its user base while catering to the evolving needs of its existing enterprise users.

Grammarly's integration of Generative AI features signals a pivotal moment in the realm of AI-driven writing assistance. With privacy at its core, Grammarly strives to enhance productivity and writing quality for users across the business spectrum. As the AI landscape continues to evolve, Grammarly's commitment to innovation and user-centric solutions positions it as a leader in the field of AI-driven writing utilities.