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McKinsey & Salesforce Join Forces to Accelerate Generative AI Adoption in Business

Global consulting giant McKinsey and enterprise software leader Salesforce are collaborating to empower businesses in sales, marketing, commerce, and service sectors. This collaboration aims to unlock the immense potential of generative AI in driving business growth and productivity.

In a strategic alliance, McKinsey & Company and Salesforce are teaming up to streamline and accelerate the adoption of generative artificial intelligence (AI) in various business sectors, including sales, marketing, commerce, and customer service. By harnessing Salesforce's robust customer relationship management (CRM) software and McKinsey's expertise in AI and data models, this collaboration offers a holistic approach to integrating AI into business workflows, transforming customer interactions and boosting productivity.

The collaboration between McKinsey and Salesforce aims to provide businesses with a comprehensive AI adoption framework. McKinsey will engage with customers to understand their business goals and leverage its rapid solution design to create customized proof-of-concept and minimum viable product (MVP) AI tools. This end-to-end experience facilitates seamless AI integration into existing workflows.

The partnership brings together a diverse team of experts, including data scientists, solution architects, cloud engineers, UX designers, and organizational culture specialists. These specialists will collaborate closely with company teams to ensure that AI-driven solutions align with strategic objectives.

The ultimate goal of this collaboration is to enhance customer interactions, drive personalized marketing efforts, accelerate sales processes, and reduce customer service calls. By embedding AI directly into Salesforce's workflows, businesses can achieve these outcomes effectively.

According to McKinsey's research, generative AI holds immense potential for the global economy. It could unlock up to $4.4 trillion in productivity gains over the coming decades. These gains include a 5-15% increase in marketing spending and a 3-5% boost in sales productivity. As 40% of enterprises plan to invest in such AI technologies, the McKinsey-Salesforce collaboration could catalyze transformative results for businesses.

What sets this partnership apart is its focus on creating a seamless adoption journey for businesses. Companies can align their strategic goals with specific AI applications, starting from the proof of concept and advancing to full-scale deployment. The joint team, composed of various specialists, will guide businesses throughout this process.

The collaboration emphasizes user-friendliness, enabling businesses to "bring your own LLM" (language learning model) and providing a straightforward platform for data viewing and inquiries. This approach simplifies the integration of AI into existing workflows.

McKinsey and Salesforce have a history of collaborating to accelerate digital transformations for organizations. McKinsey's acquisition of Salesforce Platinum Partner S4G Consulting and their shared role as key players in digital transformation exemplify their collaborative approach to solving complex business challenges.

This venture contributes to McKinsey's growing portfolio of AI capabilities, including recent acquisitions like Candid and Iguazio, as well as affiliations like the corporate program with Stanford Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence. It reinforces McKinsey's commitment to helping businesses thrive in the era of rapid digitization.

The collaboration between McKinsey & Company and Salesforce signifies a pivotal step in the journey toward AI integration in business. By combining Salesforce's CRM expertise with McKinsey's AI prowess, this partnership equips businesses with the tools and expertise needed to harness the transformative power of generative AI. As the business world rapidly evolves, this collaboration promises to bridge the gap between AI promises and tangible, measurable results.

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