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Metaphysic PRO: The New Frontier of Digital Likeness Ownership and Monetization

Metaphysic, the London-based startup that gained fame for its viral deepfake of Tom Cruise on TikTok, has unveiled Metaphysic PRO. This AI-powered digital twinning technology enables performers to secure copyrights and monetize their digital likenesses.

Metaphysic, known for its viral deepfake technology, is pioneering a new era of digital likeness ownership and monetization with Metaphysic PRO. This AI-powered platform empowers performers to take control of their digital selves, offering unprecedented copyright and monetization opportunities.

Metaphysic PRO is not just about deepfakes; it's a comprehensive solution for managing digital likeness. It allows users to store and control various data assets necessary for creating 3D digital representations, from voice and movement data to catchphrases and spaces inhabited.

Metaphysic PRO acts as a content, rights management, and monetization system for the digital self. Users can securely store and manage data, granting or denying access to third parties for specific uses.

To create an accurate digital likeness, substantial visual data, including high-quality videos and images from various angles and lighting conditions, is required. Metaphysic PRO combines this data with AI algorithms that capture facial movements and expressions during natural interactions.

Metaphysic PRO empowers performers to retain control over their likenesses, safeguarding them from unauthorized deepfake exploitation. It aims to combat the rising concern of unauthorized deepfakes and clones in Hollywood and the adult industry.

A significant challenge in the world of generative AI is copyright. U.S. copyright law historically protected human creative works, but recent rulings by the U.S. Copyright Office questioned AI-generated work's eligibility. Metaphysic PRO addresses this challenge by incorporating human effort and control throughout the AI likeness creation process.

Metaphysic PRO follows a subscription model, with pricing ranging from $8,000 to $10,000 per year, depending on scan size and assets. While this may be suitable for celebrities, it may pose financial challenges for background actors. The company emphasizes enterprise-grade security, including data encryption and two-factor authentication.

Currently, Metaphysic PRO is available by invitation only, with the potential for broader access in the future. Users concerned about deepfake exploitation and eager to protect their brand and intellectual property can apply for invitations on the Metaphysic website.

Metaphysic PRO signifies a transformative leap in digital likeness ownership and monetization. By empowering performers to control their digital selves, this platform addresses critical issues surrounding deepfakes and copyright. While challenges persist, Metaphysic PRO opens new possibilities for content creators and performers in the evolving landscape of AI-generated content.

As the entertainment industry grapples with the implications of AI and deepfakes, Metaphysic PRO offers a pioneering solution that champions performers' rights and creativity in the digital age.