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ServiceNow Launches Now Assist: AI-Powered Solutions Elevating Productivity Across Industries

ServiceNow unveils Now Assist, a suite of AI-driven solutions designed to enhance productivity and user experiences in IT, customer service, HR, and development domains. Now Assist incorporates a domain-specific "Now LLM," focusing on enterprise productivity and data privacy.

ServiceNow, a trailblazer in digital workflow solutions, introduces Now Assist, an innovative suite of AI-powered solutions engineered to elevate the productivity and user experience across diverse sectors, including IT, customer service, HR, and development. Leveraging the capabilities of ServiceNow's in-house generative AI engine and a specialized "Now LLM" designed to uphold enterprise productivity and data privacy, Now Assist emerges as a transformative force in workflow optimization and digital evolution.

Now Assist encompasses four distinct solutions, each tailored to specific domains:

  • ITSM: Empowers IT leaders to enhance the IT experience for their agents and employees by offering instant answers and summaries of incidents, requests, and live chat interactions. Streamlining IT operations and reducing response times.
  • CSM: Revolutionizes the customer service process by generating summaries for cases and chats, reducing manual tasks, and enabling faster resolution of customer issues. An agile approach to customer service from start to finish.
  • HRSD: Drives productivity and operational efficiency for HR leaders by automating redundant tasks and swiftly providing employees with the information they need, minimizing disruption to their workday.
  • Development: Accelerates app creation and scaling on the Now Platform by utilizing AI to generate high-quality code suggestions from natural language text. Empowering development teams to work more efficiently.

Now Assist represents a pivotal shift in how organizations optimize workflows and embrace digital transformation. By automating and augmenting tasks, this suite of AI solutions empowers users to focus on strategic priorities, fostering scalable digital evolution.

ServiceNow's Now Assist aligns with a broader industry trend where companies like Oracle are introducing advanced AI assistants tailored for enterprises, aimed at enhancing workflow efficiency and overall productivity.

A report by Goldman Sachs forecasts that generative AI will make a substantial contribution to human productivity, adding nearly $7 trillion to the global GDP over the next decade. This economic potential is driving numerous startups to develop their own Large Language Models (LLMs) to harness this burgeoning opportunity.

ServiceNow's Now Assist stands as a testament to the transformative capabilities of AI-driven solutions in the enterprise landscape. As organizations seek to streamline workflows, enhance user experiences, and drive digital progress, the power of generative AI is becoming increasingly evident. Now Assist paves the way for a new era of productivity and efficiency across diverse industries, shaping the future of digital transformation.