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Skylum's Luminar Neo to Introduce Generative AI Tools for Image Editing

Skylum, the company behind photo editing software Luminar Neo, is set to bring generative AI technologies to its platform, starting with the GenErase tool. This AI-powered feature allows photographers to remove unwanted objects from images and replace them with appropriate elements.

Skylum, the developer of Luminar Neo, is embarking on a significant advancement in the realm of image editing. The company is introducing generative AI technologies to its software, offering photographers innovative tools to enhance and manipulate their images. The first of these AI-powered features, GenErase, promises to simplify the removal of unwanted objects while intelligently replacing them with contextually relevant elements. Subsequent tools, GenExpand and GenSwap, aim to further empower photographers with creative possibilities.

GenErase - Removing and Replacing Unwanted Elements:
Skylum's initial offering, GenErase, leverages AI tools to effectively eliminate unwanted distractions from images. This feature simultaneously employs content-aware generative AI to replace removed objects, maintaining the image's integrity. It excels at tasks such as removing street signs, utility poles, vehicles, crowds, graffiti, and litter.

GenExpand - Adjusting Aspect Ratios:
GenExpand, which is expected to launch in November, harnesses generative AI to enable photographers to alter image aspect ratios and expand frame boundaries. This feature provides the flexibility to create panoramic landscapes or give images more breathing room, enhancing their visual impact.

GenSwap - Transforming Image Composition:
Scheduled for release in December, GenSwap offers photographers the ability to modify image composition by replacing or swapping objects as per the user's prompt. Users can introduce new elements like trees, animals, and more, enabling creative storytelling and visual exploration.

Ivan Kutamin, CEO of Skylum, envisions the integration of generative AI technologies as a pivotal step in AI photo editing. He emphasizes that these AI features are designed to inspire and support photographers in their creative endeavors, aiming to expand the possibilities of visual storytelling while respecting the art's essential role in capturing real-life experiences.

Skylum's introduction of generative AI tools within Luminar Neo represents a significant leap in the capabilities of image editing software. These innovative features promise to simplify editing tasks and expand creative horizons for photographers, offering exciting possibilities for image enhancement and storytelling.

Note: For more information on Skylum's generative AI tools, subscription plans, and pricing details, please visit Skylum's website.