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Stability AI Expands Its Generative AI Portfolio with New Tools and APIs for Professionals

Stability AI, the AI technology provider, has unveiled a suite of new generative AI tools and APIs aimed at professionals, including a groundbreaking tool for generating 3D objects, a sky replacement tool for real estate, and enhanced image fine-tuning capabilities.

Stability AI is revolutionizing the world of generative AI with a range of new tools and APIs designed for professionals across various industries. These cutting-edge offerings empower users to unlock their creativity, streamline content generation, and bring ideas to life in ways that were previously unimaginable. It includes sky replacement for real estate and 3D object generation innovations.

Stability AI introduces Sky Replacer, a remarkable tool that allows users to transform the "color and aesthetic" of a photo's sky with a selection of nine alternative looks. While accessible to all, Sky Replacer is a game-changer for industries like real estate, providing professionals with the ability to enhance property listings and showcase them in their best light, even in AI-enhanced conditions.

The company offers a collection of generative and modding tools accessible to consumers. These tools enable users to create multiple image variations via Stable Diffusion, remove objects from photos, upscale images, and eliminate text from images—all with a user-friendly interface, eliminating the need for extensive training.

Stability AI introduces Stable 3D, a groundbreaking tool that automates the process of generating textured 3D objects. This tool empowers both experts and non-experts to create draft-quality 3D models within minutes. Objects produced using Stable 3D are exported in the ".obj" file format, making them editable in dedicated 3D software and compatible with production-ready game engines like Unreal Engine 5.

The company unveils Stable FineTuning, a long-awaited service designed for rapidly fine-tuning images, objects, and styles. This tool caters to professionals in entertainment, gaming, advertising, and marketing, allowing them to customize images seamlessly and incorporate landscapes, avatars, or other creations.

It demonstrates its commitment to transparency in AI-generated content with the integration of Content Credentials and "invisible watermarking" for content generated through its official API. These measures ensure that the origins of AI-generated content are traceable and verifiable.

Stability AI's latest advancements in generative AI tools and APIs are a game-changer for professionals across diverse industries. With innovations like Sky Replacer, Stable 3D, and Stable FineTuning, content creation and customization have reached unprecedented levels of efficiency and accessibility. These tools have the potential to reshape the creative landscape and empower professionals to bring their visions to life. Stability AI's dedication to enhancing creative and professional processes through AI continues to redefine possibilities in the digital era.

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