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Stability AI Unveils "Stable Audio" – A Groundbreaking Text-to-Audio Generative AI Platform

Stability AI, renowned for its AI-generated visuals, ventures into the auditory realm with "Stable Audio." This innovative text-to-audio generative AI platform empowers users to create custom sounds, songs, and background audio for diverse projects.

Stability AI, a leading player in AI-generated visuals, is breaking new ground with its latest offering, "Stable Audio." This pioneering text-to-audio generative AI platform is set to revolutionize sound generation, enabling users to craft music, audio effects, and background tracks for various creative endeavors. Stable Audio leverages advanced AI models and datasets to redefine audio generation.

Stability AI, known for its image-focused Stable Diffusion AI model, now employs a diffusion model for audio generation. This innovative approach transcends traditional audio generation techniques.

Users can harness Stable Audio to create songs and background audio tailored to their specific needs. The platform's flexibility allows customization in audio length, catering to diverse project requirements.

Unlike conventional audio diffusion models that generate fixed-length audio, Stable Audio empowers users to control the duration of their creations. This flexibility is pivotal for music production, accommodating songs of varying lengths.

Stability AI augments its AI model with text metadata, specifying the start and end times of audio segments. This addition enhances user control over audio length and content.

Stability AI trains Stable Audio with an extensive dataset comprising over 800,000 audio files encompassing music, sound effects, and single-instrument stems. This dataset, equivalent to more than 19,500 hours of audio, ensures rich and diverse audio generation.

In a strategic partnership with AudioSparx, a stock music licensing company, Stability AI secures permission to utilize copyrighted material. This collaboration expands the creative possibilities for Stable Audio users.

Stable Audio offers three pricing tiers:

    • Free Version: Allows users to create up to 45 seconds of audio for 20 tracks per month, but audio produced under this plan cannot be used commercially.
    • Professional Level ($11.99): Enables the creation of 500 tracks, each up to 90 seconds in length.
    • Enterprise Subscription: Tailored for companies, this tier provides customization options for usage and pricing.

Stability AI joins the ranks of generative AI innovators like Meta and Google, who have explored text-to-audio generation. These technologies hold immense potential, especially in expediting podcast and video content creation by simplifying background music generation.

Stable Audio promises to empower creators with unprecedented control over sound and music generation. With its diverse dataset, licensing collaboration, and flexible pricing tiers, Stable Audio is poised to make a significant impact in various creative industries, revolutionizing the way we generate and use audio in our projects.

Note: Stable Audio's capabilities are as of the article's publication date and may evolve over time.