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Tape It, the Startup Filling the Void Left by Apple's Music Memos, Releases AI Denoiser for Audio

Tape It, a startup from 2020, initially aimed to provide musicians with a user-friendly iOS recording app. After gaining traction, it is expanding its AI capabilities. The latest addition is an AI denoiser that automatically removes background noise, producing studio-quality audio recordings.

Tape It, a startup launched in 2020, is advancing its mission to enhance audio recording and editing with the introduction of an AI-driven denoiser. The company initially focused on providing musicians with an iOS recording app, but it has since broadened its scope. Its latest innovation, an AI denoiser, is designed to automatically remove background noise from audio recordings, offering musicians a cost-effective alternative to complex studio setups. This denoiser is a significant leap forward for the company, marking the expansion of its AI capabilities.

The company recognizes that one of the primary challenges in audio recording is background noise, which can interfere with the quality of recordings. Musicians traditionally rely on studios equipped with specialized software to address this issue. Tape It's vision is to offer an affordable and accessible solution powered by AI to remove noise, including unwanted hums and hisses. By leveraging AI, Tape It aims to deliver studio-quality results, making the technology suitable for music tracks, single-instrument recordings, and field audio.

Key Features of the AI Denoiser:

  • Automatic removal of background noise from general audio signals, including music.
  • Connects a neural network controller to a signal processing-based noise reduction algorithm.
  • Offers musicians and audio enthusiasts a simplified and efficient way to obtain studio-quality results.
  • Expected to appeal to both professionals in the music industry and enthusiasts in search of superior audio quality.

Tape It is reinforcing the capabilities of its AI denoiser through a scientific listening test, the results of which will be presented in an academic study. This study will provide evidence of the software's quality and its ability to compete with industry-leading denoising solutions. While AI-driven noise reduction for speech has made significant strides, these solutions often distort music signals. Tape It's approach bridges this gap, automating denoising for various audio types with a high level of quality.

The company intends to offer its AI denoiser as a free web app, but its long-term strategy involves licensing the technology to vendors. This enables other companies to incorporate the denoiser into their platforms or software. The AI denoiser will also be integrated into Tape It's flagship app in the future, providing musicians with a comprehensive recording and editing solution.

The AI denoiser has already attracted interest from significant industry players, including a studio software vendor and a hardware manufacturer. Tape It intends to offer enterprise pricing for these customers while ensuring affordability for smaller startups.

The company was founded by Thomas Walther and Jan Nash, both of whom share a background in music and technology. Thomas Walther's prior experience at Spotify included the development of an audio detection startup, Sonalytic, which was subsequently acquired by Spotify. The startup's team consists of individuals with diverse expertise in design, music, AI, and audio, bringing a multidisciplinary approach to audio innovation.

Tape It is primarily a bootstrapped company, having opted for this route to maintain flexibility during the development of its AI denoiser. While the company is currently exploring potential funding options, it aims to uphold its commitment to technological excellence.

Its introduction of an AI denoiser for audio recordings represents a significant leap in making studio-quality audio accessible to musicians and audio enthusiasts. This innovation will not only benefit professionals but also empower a broader user base to create high-quality recordings. The startup's strategy to license the technology positions it as a key player in the audio recording and editing landscape.

The presentation of Tape It's AI denoiser at the upcoming AES conference is eagerly anticipated. The academic study and the technology's application in real-world scenarios will shed more light on the full scope of its capabilities and its impact on the audio industry.