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timeOS: The Revolutionary Chrome Extension Transforming Time Management with AI

Meet timeOS, the game-changing Chrome browser extension was created to revolutionize time management during meetings. Explore its unique features, its ability to attend meetings on your behalf with an AI avatar, and its seamless integration with popular tools, aiming to enhance productivity.

In a crowded field of AI-driven enterprise software, timeOS aims to stand out with its innovative Chrome extension. This transformative tool promises to redefine time management, offering a dynamic assistant that not only enhances your meetings but also transcends language barriers.

The proliferation of AI-related updates and tools in the enterprise software market presents a daunting challenge for vendors. TimeOS, a Los Angeles-based startup, tackles this challenge head-on by focusing on a specific problem: time management.

The company's proactive AI technology adapts to individual workflows, energy levels, and preferred meeting times. It empowers employees to reclaim valuable hours in their workdays by providing timely information and support. The goal is to keep professionals engaged and focused on meaningful work.

TimeOS differentiates itself from established players by taking a proactive role in time management and AI task delegation. It seamlessly integrates with popular work tools like Notion,, Asana, and ClickUp. Its sole key performance indicator is to create more time for users each day.

TimeOS goes beyond traditional calendars by analyzing real-time and historical data from calendars, emails, and notes. It offers key information when you need it most during meetings, ensuring you're well-prepared and informed.

Before recurring meetings, timeOS AI presents users with options like "Join meeting," "Get me ready," or "Send my AI instead." Choosing "Get me ready" provides a concise summary of past discussions and the current agenda.

In a meeting, timeOS acts as a chatbot, allowing users to query it for instant answers to questions without switching to other documents or notes.

If unable to attend a meeting, users can send their AI avatar, complete with a custom image and a message. TimeOS records the meeting, transcribes it, and generates a summary for later review.

TimeOS identifies potential meeting conflicts in advance and suggests solutions, streamlining scheduling for invitees.

It offers a range of features, including recording virtual and physical meetings, generating tailored agendas and summaries, prioritizing actions based on importance, and synchronizing schedules for optimal timing.

TimeOS seamlessly integrates with communication platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and Slack.

According to research, a half-hour meeting with three employees can cost a business between $700 and $1,600. TimeOS aims to reduce these costs by optimizing meeting attendance and minimizing context switching, thereby enhancing productivity and mental well-being.

TimeOS is not just a scheduling tool; it's a holistic platform designed to enhance decision-making and reclaim your time. For business leaders seeking to optimize their teams' productivity, timeOS offers a robust set of features that could revolutionize the workday.

As the enterprise software market continues to evolve, timeOS emerges as a transformative solution to time management challenges. With its proactive AI capabilities, seamless integration, and focus on reclaiming time, timeOS has the potential to become an invaluable productivity companion for professionals seeking to make the most of their workday.