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Generate an e-commerce site in seconds with Marketsy

It's 2023. All you need to build an online store is one text prompt and Marketsy AI

Status: Alpha release, undergoing development

Marketsy is a startup that helps new entrepreneurs to get their first e-commerce solution in seconds by leveraging AI and in-house micro-apps.

It was created by a small team of developers including Igor Boky and Alexey Kramin: crafters with 15 years' experience in total.

Here’s how Marketsy works

Step 1: Go to
Step 2: Provide a simple prompt explaining what you are going to sell
Step 3: Watch as an e-commerce store is built in seconds before your eyes

Some questions for the founders

What did you use to build the project?

We are part of the MarsX Community. So we are using the MarsX approach of micro-apps to build the product as quickly as possible. The tech has Node.js, Vue.js, MongoDB and AI-api integration under the hood.

Have you built similar projects before?

We started by building micro-apps, especially for marketplaces for different niches: products, services, social media and etc., as the Fleexy team. Marketsy became the logical next step after that.

What inspired you to create this project?

We have had huge experience in e-commerce in the past. That experience was converted into Fleexy micro-apps first. Then we played around with an AI and decided to check out a small idea: how it might work to generate an e-store.

And actually, it turned out so well that we committed to pivoting into this idea completely and pushing the pedal to the metal. And a huge thanks to the #buildinpublic community that revealed that this is a great idea because it was just one of many others.

Is there anything else you’d like to tell our readers?

Our biggest milestone now is our upcoming launch on Product Hunt. We haven’t had that experience before, so it’s super exciting and a bit nerve-wracking at the same time.

We are open-minded and love the process of building Marketsy in public, sharing the progress on Twitter/X. The feedback of the community drives us and the product itself. So we are looking forward hearing what people say about it.

For more information, check out or DM the founders, Igor Boky and Alexey Kramin.